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. It is your first week in the lab and you are given the task of modifying insulin to make it more hydrophilic by modifying one or more of its amino acids. You notice there are several serine amino acids in the structure of insulin. Show all work.Show the chemical reaction for the oxidation of serine to form the amino acid aspartic acid. Look up the reagent that could be used for this reaction (citation). (5 pts)You need to make up 50 mL a 0.25 M solution of the oxidizing reagent used in part A to perform the reaction. Show the calculations and describe the procedure for making up this solution. (5 pts)Why would this reaction make insulin more hydrophilic? (5 pts)Would you have to be concerned with forming and geometric isomers in converting serine to aspartic acid? Explain your answer. (5 pts)

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