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a paper about Information security in cloud service.( what is cloud services+ pros and cons+ types+ examples+ issues from real life). 8 pages. the paper should be relevant to the material. Details on the paper will be provided. resources must be cited. the presentation must be the same as the paper topic( about what has written in the paper). 10 Mins presentation, as though they were presenting to a group of executives. the presentation and paper will include elements of technical and non-technical summary, due to the nature of the security profession’s need to be able to interact with highly technical staff, as well as with very non- technical staff and managers.

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Semester and Year
This template is provided for your use for your essay. It’s not required; it just saves a little work
in deciding how to set things up.
Introduction – clearly introduce your topic, in less than a page. Make clear why it’s relevant to
the course.
Body of paper (change this heading [or use multiple headings] to fit with
your paper’s content)
In the body of your paper, you’ll dig more deeply and perhaps look more broadly into your topic.
For example, if you were looking at the topic of authentication via password, you might look at
password storage security, at password creation habits, or at alternatives or additions to passwords
(biometrics, physical devices, etc.).
Be sure to address multiple points of view. In Information Security, there are almost always
multiple perspectives available, and failing to consider those puts you at risk of making poor
recommendations or decisions.
Conclusion – what is the impact of the to-topic of your research on the industry? Is there a
coming change that people need to prepare for? Is this issue specific to a particular industry now, but
could become more widespread? (For instance, think about the attacks by Anonymous on banks – they
also spread to other organizations.)
Be sure to summarize and support your own thoughts about your topic. This exercise is intended
to be meaningful for you, so hopefully you’ll have found something you can say about the topic that’s
not just repeating what you’ve found in your research. Your insights should be woven throughout the
paper, but this is the place where you gather all the threads together.
Grading is divided into four components. The first of these is mechanics – 28 points allocated to
quality of introduction, conclusion, writing style, citations, etc. The remaining 122 points is allocated as

40 points to subject expertise – how well do you demonstrate your understanding of the
subject? Is your coverage in depth, or simply superficial? Did you analyze what your sources
had to say, or merely summarize?

40 points to content value – how strongly supported are your arguments and facts? Did you
cite a bare minimum of sources? Did you go beyond the obvious points?

42 points to your expression of your own point of view – did you add your own perspective,
based on the research?
Cite references in APA format. Each reference should start with author name, and should include the
title of the piece, as well as when it was published (at least the year). Word’s References tools
can do the bulk of this work for you.

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