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(I started it I have attached it but I dont like how it was reading so you can finish mine or start your own.) Thanks againAccess the Psych Central Personality Test: to Quizzes then scroll down to Personality. Take the test by answering the questions as honestly as possible. Upon completion, find your comprehensive personality report on the five personality traits and reflect upon the positive aspects of your relationship with each trait. Choose the most positive information in the report and reflect upon how that trait is a personal strength that you possess. To begin your essay, state and highlight or indicate in italics or bold your positive Trait. It isnot necessary to define the trait or reiterate the description of it from your results.Now, describe your reaction in the following ways: How does this trait represent who you are as a person? Were you surprised by the results? How does this trait act as a personal strength, and in what ways do you find having it important and helpful to your quality of life? Aside from the test results, what other character strength(s) do you feel you have, and how are they important or helpful in reference to your psychological well-being? Some examples include leadership, gratitude, spirituality, bravery, honesty, justice, perseverance, appreciation of beauty, wisdom, etc. You will want to address the answers to these questions clearly and completely as this is 25% of your grade on the essay. Next, explain how you can apply this personality trait / strength or your other strengths to the important areas of your life such as work, school, relationships, play, and/or parenting. You may even wish to use your strengths in a way that you have not done before and report on that. Again, please provide a thorough discussion, as this part is also worth another 25% of your grade on the essay.

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