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Have to do initial draft & project paper (assignmemt) & PPT on Linden Industries.please find the attached documents for reference and follow the table contents form the reference document & do final assignment and ppt.Firstly u need to submit a initial draft of project for the assignment. No plagiarism References should be must.don’t copy the information from the reference document, because college will check plagiarism. for the assignment, follow APA format.Ppt should be 20 slidesAssignment should be 35-40 pages.

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Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
Linden Industries Project Plan
Names in Group
Concordia University, St. Paul MN
Project And Lifecycle Management, Course
Professor Randy Carlson
Date Here
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
Project Charter
The mission statement for Linden Industries is “To provide an environmental-friendly
sealer that will provide long-term coverage and protection from freeze-thaw effect, at an
affordable cost, to a wide range of consumers.” This mission statement is the fundamental
purpose Linden Industries exists and takes pride in while making a sealant that is valuable to all
customers. The vision for Linden Industries is to expand through growth. In order to achieve
growth in sales, the organization is planning on expanding the product portfolio by leveraging
the current knowledge base in sealant products. Additionally, growth will be achieved through
expansion in emerging markets via acquisition or partnership. The project plan will encompass
every area of the business to ensure projected achievement of business objectives.
Problem Statement/ Business Case
The most significant problem facing Linden Industries is lack of failure to growth while
maintaining competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the current IT portfolio is barely keeping the
company operating. Because of this, some of the current information systems and associated
technologies do not allow systems and departments to work in collaboration and are preventing
growth as a result. For instance, the Marketing department is complaining about the lack of
accurate customer information. Accounts Receivables (AR) are too high, mostly due to
antiquated batch accounting and payment systems. Product Development (PD) has complained
about totally inadequate databases on research, patents, and records of invention. The current
inventory system is too slow. The only adequately operating systems are Payroll and Accounts
Payable (AP). Although there seems to be no issues with the current email system, there have
been minor issues with leakage of proprietary information, which must be addressed. This list of
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
current issues at Linden Industries needs immediate attention, if the firm wants to increase sales
and expand any time soon.
Project Objectives/High Level Deliverables

Transition/migrate to using only Windows servers

Maintain Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Remove in-house applications

Leverage software as a service packages (SAAS)

Implement Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Add real-time access to information

Involve stakeholder input for business requirements

Maintain an eco-friendly IT infrastructure

Modify the IS/IT staff where needed
Scope Statement
The scope of the project will touch all internal employee software. The business
processes will need to be modified to adapt to the new software and are in scope of this project.
The scope will include replacement of all internal systems except for HR/Payroll, including:
A/R, A/P, G/L, Shipping, Receiving, Purchasing, Sales Order, Customer Information, and
Product Design and Development. The server infrastructure is in scope of the project and will be
replaced to a standard. The end customer facing software is not in the scope of this project.
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
Anticipated Financial/Business Impact
The growth in sales is expected to be from $5.2 million to $25 million in two years and
$75 million in five years. The profit expectations are from $757,000 to $6 million in two years
and $17 million in five years.
Sales Dollars
Profit Dollars

CEO Marcia Lewis

CFO John Davis

VP of Marketing and Sales Bill Budman

VP of Product Development George Jetson

Director of Operations Sheryl Wingnut

CIO Larry Wontajobe

A/R Manager Shelly Bird

A/P Manager Kelly Goat

Shipping Manager Bob Boxer

Procurement Manager Ted Fredrickson
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
Proposed Milestones/Timeline (High-Level)
Third Quarter 2015 to Fourth Quarter 2015

ERP Selection Completed

Data Analysis Completed

Stakeholder Analysis Completed
Fourth Quarter to First Quarter 2016

Migrate to AWS servers for email and file services

EDI Selection Completed

SAAS Product selection completed
First Quarter 2016 to Third Quarter 2016

ERP implemented

EDI implemented

SAAS Product implemented
Third Quarter 2016 to Fourth Quarter 2016

VPN installed

Old Systems retired

IT staff Modified
Project Team

CEO Marcia Lewis – Executive Sponsor

CFO John Davis – Executive Sponsor
o Finance Lead
o Finance Team member

VP of Marketing and Sales Bill Budman – Executive Sponsor
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
o Marketing Lead
o Sales Lead
o Marketing Team member
o Sales Team member

VP of Product Development George Jetson
o Research and Development Lead
o Product Team member

Director of Operations Sheryl Wingnut – Executive Sponsor
o Shipping Lead
o Manufacturing Lead
o Procurement Lead
o Shipping Team member
o Manufacturing Team member
o Procurement Team member

CIO Larry Wontajobe – Project Leader
o Technical Lead
o Technical Team member

ERP Consultant

EDI Consultant

SAAS Product Consultant
Project Constraints/Assumptions
The primary constraint at Linden Industries facing the team for this project is the ability
to dedicate adequate time in dedication for the project. Due to the time constraint, additional
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
assistance will be procured to allow the team members and leads time to work on the project.
The funds for temporary help will be managed by the project manager as part of the cost of the
High Level Risks
The high level risks for the project are concerned primarily with integration points of the
required software components. The EDI and SAAS software will require seamless integrations
with the ERP package. One of the significant risks for Linden Industries will be the substitution
and integration to AWS servers. If the AWS servers fail, this may impeded the integration
process. If the internet connectivity is disrupted, Linden Industries will not be able to operate. A
final risk facing the project team at Linden Industries is not being able to find adequate support
to allow project team members time to work on the project. See the Project Risk Register
located in the appendix for details outlining all risks associated with this project.
Project Change Control Plan
The change control plan for this project is twofold: minor changes being signed off by the
project leader and major changes being signed off by the executive sponsors. The minor changes
will be evaluated and decisions made will be made within two business days of the change
request. The major changes will be discussed at weekly change control meeting with the
executive sponsors. Decision for these changes will be made within three business days
following the meeting. All changes must be in written form including estimated costs, affected
staff, grounds for change, risks involved, and change turnaround time. All change requests must
be sent to the project leader via email. The project leader will determine if the change is minor
or major and then forward major change requests to the associated executive sponsor(s). The
diagram below crystalizes the change control process flow with the creation of a request.
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
Project Configuration Management Plan
Configuration Management for this project will be overseen utilizing a number of tools,
such as Microsoft Project or other approved third party software. The Project Manager will
create a plan of action for all activities throughout the project. The Project Manager will also
ensure that all activities are completed within the scheduled time frame according to the Gantt
chart (see appendix). A Dashboard will be created and implemented by the Project Manager to
monitor all activity status and ensuring that all criteria are met and within acceptable parameters.
Project Control will monitor the status of the following activities:

System Implementation

Software Objects
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN

Project Documentation

Software and User Documentation

Test and Support Plans
Project Scope Management Plan
The scope of this project is quite large as it will affect almost every employee in the
organization. To better handle what is in scope and what is out of scope, a Scope Management
Plan is needed. In order to keep the scope of the project under control, two important items are
needed: a process to verify what is in scope and a change control plan for the scope of the
Scope Verification
The factors that will be used to verify if the scope of the project are met are that each
deliverable is clearly and accurately reached. The definition of reaching the deliverable will be
broadly based with the minor deliverables being signed off by the project leader and major
deliverables being signed off by the executive sponsors. The process for reaching a deliverable
will be undertaken by the project leader and then forwarded to executive sponsors if it is a major
Scope Change Control
The control of the change of any scope to the project will be initiated by the Change
control process. When determining if a change can be made to the project elements of the scope,
change requests will be added by the project leader. Adding scope elements to the change
control request process will ensure the project stays on track without major scope issues.
Additionally, this will prevent drastic changes and will ensure that the deliverables of the project
and organization are met.
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
Project Time Management Plan
Defined as one of three primary responsibilities of a Project Manager, Project Time
Management is a variable that has the least amount of flexibility (Schwalbe, 2014, p. 227).
Project Time Management can be difficult to manage because of individual work styles and
cultural differences (Schwalbe, 2014, p. 227). Although all seven processes of Project Time
Management are crucial to the implementation of the Linden Industries Business Strategy, this
project will primarily address key issues on Sequencing Activities, Estimating Activity Duration,
and Controlling the Schedule, which are essential in order for Linden Industries to become more
competitive in the asphalt and sealant industry.
Activity Sequencing
As part of the implementation of the Linden Industries Business Strategy, several activities
will take place, some of which will be parallel with other activities, some of which will be
independent activities. Three primary sources of dependencies exist among projects, each for
their own reason. The Linden Industries project will utilize Mandatory, Discretionary, and
External Dependencies.
Mandatory Dependencies
Inherent to the nature of the work being done, Mandatory Dependencies will be utilized
throughout the Linden Industries Business Strategy project implantation. For example, there are
several project activities such as the installation of the AWS servers that will be mandatory to
complete before other activities, such as the installation of the ERP package can be worked on.
Mandatory Dependencies are critical to the implantation process of any project, and will
certainly be a part of the Linden Industries Business Strategy implementation process.
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
Discretionary Dependencies
Certain dependencies will be decided by the project team of the Linden Industries Business
Strategy. Although Discretionary Dependencies, such as EDI implementation before the SAAS
Product implementation are thought of logically, sometimes they must be utilized with caution
because they may limit later scheduling operations.
External Dependencies
While the delivery of the new ERP system for Linden Industries may not be included in the
overall scope of the project, it will be included as an External Dependency. Ideally, the project
team does not anticipate late delivery of the ERP, but it may occur. For this reason, several
External Dependencies will be included such as the use of external consultants as part of the
Sequencing of Activities scope of the Linden Industries Business Strategy.
The inclusion of Dependencies will be inherent to the project stakeholders involved in the
implementation of the Linden Industries Business Strategy. Defining the Sequencing of
Activities will allow the use of several scheduling tools, such as the Critical Analysis Path, that
will be included as part of the business strategy.
Activity Duration Estimation
After defining the necessary activities, determining their dependencies, and estimating
their resources, the next process in project time management is to estimate the duration of the
required activities. Defined as the actual amount of time worked on an activity plus elapsed
time, duration will be necessary to include as part of the estimation process of the Linden
Industries Business Strategy project (Schwalbe, 2014). Although some parts of the implantation
process for Linden Industries will include a wide range of work hours performed, a Gantt chart
will be included for monitoring the workdays and work hours performed to complete the
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
project. See Gantt chart in the Appendix of this paper for the Project Schedule, which includes
project milestones, summary tasks, and individual task durations.
Project Schedule
See the Gantt chart in the appendices.
Schedule Control
As a final step in the project time management process, controlling the schedule is a
process that entails: knowing the status of the schedule, influencing the factors that cause
schedule changes, determining that the schedule has changed, and managing changes when they
occur (Schwalbe, 2014, p. 252).
Monitoring the schedule for the implantation of the Linden Industries Business Strategy project
will require detailed attention and include:

Performance Reviews of project team members, as necessary.

Gantt charts that track the ongoing performance and schedule of the project.

Adjustments of lead and lag times throughout the project.
Although monitoring the schedules with these tools will aid in the implementation process of the
Linden Industries Business Strategy project, it will be important to ensure the project has
realistic schedule expectations, to utilize discipline and leadership to demonstrate the importance
of project schedules, and to monitor personnel-related issues in order to keep the project on
Managing project time is vital to successful project management. Monitoring
Dependencies, Estimating Activity Duration, and Controlling the Schedule are crucial for the
successful implementation of the Linden Industries Business Strategy. For (Schwalbe, 2014,
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
p.227), “… with the possibility of several scheduling conflicts, project managers must
demonstrate use of good project time management….”
Project Cost Management Plan
Budget Definition
The project will be considered a success if the costs are within a variation of +/- 10% of
proposed estimation. If the project exceeds 15% of estimated costs, it will be considered a
failure. The project manager will control the cost of the project, including the review of any
changes in the project that will affect the project’s budgeting.
Cost Control Plan
Any deliverables and events of the project will be accomplished by using Microsoft
Project. Every individual that is involved with the project will be required to capture their times
in a time sheet which will then be submitted to the project manager.
Project Quality Management Plan
Satisfying the needs of project stakeholders is the primary reason for taking on and
completing projects. How does a project team deliver a quality project? Although several
people have argued over the true meaning of “quality”, many people agree on the primary
purpose of Project Quality Management; the process ensuring that a project will satisfy the needs
for which it was undertaken (Schwalbe, 2014, p. 314). Two primary sources of measuring and
ensuring quality in IT projects and that Linden Industries will incorporate in their Strategic
Business plan are Quality Assurance and Quality Control (Schwalbe, 2014).
Quality Assurance
Although Quality Assurance (QA) can encompass many activities, in IT projects, it
includes all activities related to satisfying the relevant quality standards for a project (Schwalbe,
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
2014, p. 318). Two sources of measuring QA that Linden Industries will incorporate throughout
the life cycle of the Strategic Business plan and thereafter will include Benchmarking and
Quality Audits.
Primarily used for generating ideas for quality improvements by comparing specific project
practices or product characteristics to those within or outside the organization, Benchmarking is
a tool that will be essential to the successful implementation and of the Strategic Business Plan
for Linden Industries. An example of benchmarking that will be utilized by the project team at
Linden Industries is the ERP system. Linden Industries will have the capability to compare their
ERP with ERP systems of those within the asphalt and sealant industry. By benchmarking,
Linden Industries will be able to monitor competitor’s systems and maintain competitive
advantage within the asphalt and sealant industry.
Quality Audits
In addition to benchmarking, Linden Industries will also implement continuous audits to
ensure quality throughout the implementation of the Strategic Business Plan. Structured as a
review of specific quality management activities that help identify lessons learned and that
improve performance on current or future projects, Quality Audits will provide Linden Industries
information that will ensure quality standards are being met throughout the entire life cycle of
the project. An example of quality audits that will be performed will be in-house auditors who
will perform random and scheduled audits of the various tasks and deliverables of the project.
By performing internal quality audits, Linden Industries is ensuring that deliverables and project
tasks are meeting the expectations of not only the company, but also the project stakeholders.
Confidential Information for Linden Industries
Running Head: PROJECT PLAN
Quality Control
Although there are various thoughts as to the true meaning of Quality Control, the overall
accepted definition entails processes associated with acceptance decisions, rework, and process
adjustments. The Strategic Business Plan for Linden Industries will incorporate all areas of
Quality Control to ensure all stakeholder expectations are met.
Acceptance Decisions
As part of the controlling of quality, Acceptance Decisions are formal decisions as to
whether products or services are accepted or rejected (Schwalbe, 2014, p. 319). If the project
team and stakeholders …
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