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1. Supposed you are a project manager using a waterfall development-based methodology on a large and complex project. Your manager has just read an article that advocates replacing this methodology with prototyping and comes to you requesting that you switch.What would you say to your manager? NB: THIS SHOULD BE LESS THAN HALF A PAGEJustify the reasoning behind your response utilizing at least one external resource.2. Assume that you have been assigned the task of creating an object-oriented system that could be used to support students in finding an appropriate apartment to live in next semester. Using what you have learned about the basic characteristics of object-oriented systems:Define the different types of objects (i.e., classes) you would want to include in your system.Define the attributes you would want to include in their definition.Arrange them into an inheritance hierarchy.please include a diagram by using anyone of the below diagramming resourcesDiagramming ResourcesMicrosoft VisioMicrosoft PowerPointEdrawSmartdrawDraw.io3. You are to create a Systems Analysis and Design Project.

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