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**Note: this is a discussion board response; no need to do a full research paper on this**For this discussion, you will have the opportunity to learn more about a psychological disorder that is not covered in this course. You will pick a disorder from the list given to you and you will conduct research to investigate the following topics:Diagnostic criteria of the disorderEpidemiologyEtiologyList of Psychological Disorders Body Dysmorphic DisorderHypochondriasisDhatChildhood Disintegrative DisorderKleptomaniaGhost SicknessDissociative FugueTourette’s DisorderHwa – ByungExhibitionismNarcolepsyKoroPyromaniaPathological GamblingLatahShenjing ShuairuoLocuraMal de OjoFactitious DisorderTrichotillomania ShenkuiSusto Taijin KyofushoZarAmokAtaque de Nervios Boufee Delirante Instructions for responsesDiagnostic CriteriaPlease describe the diagnostic criteria utilized to diagnose this disorder. You can utilize the DSM-V diagnostic criteria or the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) diagnostic criteria. One thing to keep in mind is that when using a Culture Bound Syndrome, finding the diagnostic criteria may be difficult. Please cite where you found your criteria. EpidemiologyPlease provide epidemiological statistics (prevalence, incidence, lifetime prevalence) for your disorder. You need to provide a) overall prevalence data, b) gender difference data, and c) data on at least 2 subgroups of your choice (e.g. African-Americans & Asian-Americans, or children & adults). Please cite your information. EtiologyPlease provide information about the etiological theories of your disorder. Your answer should include at least 2 different approaches/perspectives about the cause of the disorder you chose. Please cite your information.4. TreatmentChoose and describe two potential treatments 5. Reference PagePlease include an APA reference page at the end of your assignment. At least 2 of your references must come from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Other information can come from other sources EXCEPT Wikipedia. Refer to Academic Journal list handout for ideas about where to find acceptable articles for this assignment. POTENTIAL JOURNALS TO FIND INFORMATION FROM:American Journal of Community PsychologyBehavior Research and TherapyBehavior TherapyClinical Psychology ReviewCognitive Therapy and ResearchCultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority PsychologyDevelopmental PsychopathologyJournal of Abnormal PsychologyJournal of Child Abnormal PsychologyJournal of Community PsychologyJournal of Consulting and Clinical PsychologyJournal of Counseling Psychology

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