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5 Discussion Questions in Health Management/Accounting

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1. Discuss how quality is measured in terms of structure, process, and outcomes within a
health care organization (HCO).
2. Thinking in terms of an organization you previously worked for, currently work for, or
would like to work for, identify some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
threats to the organization as it considers its future business goals.
3. Why is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regarding
confidentiality of patient information important?
Referring to a healthcare organization with which you are familiar, describe some of the most
prevalent challenges it might have faced in implementing its electronic medical / health
record system.
4. Identify and discuss the key steps in the closing process that provide the most opportunity to
make mistakes in processing account transactions. Why did you select these steps and what
makes them confusing?
Make at least two (2) recommendations for improving the accuracy and reliability of the
information in the gaps that you have identified
5. Use the Internet to research the annual report of at least one (1) merchandising company.
For example, while you can’t use this one, here is one from Walmart
Determine which costing method (Last In First Out [LIFO], First In First Out [FIFO], or
weighted average cost) that is used to record inventory by your selected company.
Share three (3) advantages and three (3) disadvantages of using the type of costing method
(LIFO, FIFO, and weighted average) that the company has implemented.

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