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1.Identify at least 2 major causesand 2 major consequences of the War of 1812.Why did we go to war? What did the various combatants hope to gain from the war?What did or did not changeas a resultof the war?2.Discuss the role of immigrants and immigration in the United States in the first half of the 1800s. How was the impact of immigrants and immigration different in the North, South, and West? Where did most immigrants move to the US from? How were different groups of immigrants treated?3.After the Revolutionary War, many Americans began to question the effectiveness of the Articles of Confederation. What were some of the problems with the government created by the Articles of Confederation? What problems and/or events led to the creation of the Constitution to replace the Articles? How did the Constitution address the problems with the Articles of Confederation? 4.Discuss how the American colonists’ perception of their rightsand their position within theBritish Empire changed between 1763 and 1776, causing them to declare independence.In other words, what happened in these years that made many Americans want to break away from the British Empire?Answer the questions in one or two paragraphs, please make it simple and easy to understand, Also No direct quote from the materials.The answers will be from this books, 1.Norton, Mary Beth, et. al., eds. A People and a Nation, Volume I to 1877. 10thedition a.ISBN: 97812854308502.Godbeer, Richard, ed. The Salem Witch Hunt: A Brief History with Documents.a.ISBN: 978-03124845523.Perdue, Theda and Michael D. Green, eds. Cherokee Removal: A Brief History with Documents. a.ISBN: 9780312415990

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