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“Pop Art” by Doyle1] Can you find anything special about the way Doyle uses language? Do you notice any repeated sounds/consonants or other devices that make the essay read more like a poem? Share anything you notice.2] If you were to summarize this essay for a friend who hadn’t read it, what is the “heart” of what Doyle is saying about the experience of being a parent? Do you think he gets it right? Does he describe childhood accurately? Explain what you mean with more than just “yes” or “no”.”Joyas Valadores” by Doyle3] Did you enjoy this essay – or not? Was it too much like a National Geographic article, or did you like the structure (moving from the smallest animal to the largest – to us?) Pick out a key passage and copy it here. Why did you think this passage was significant? Explain all parts of your answer fully.”His Last Game” by Doyle4] Why do you think Doyle wrote this essay? In other words, what might be the possible theme or themes? What is Doyle telling us about life? Also, I haven’t used this essay in class before. Do you like it and recommend it – or not, and why?…

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