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a short two paged paper 5 paragraphs. important to read 3***** READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE DOUCMENT 4***** 2 pages 5***** DON’T FORGET COVER PEAGE 6*****Avoid Plagiarism7*****Please Don’t Write Difficult words AND complicated sentences8****Write ESAY WORD, AND easy To understand for ENGLISH LEARNERS

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Write about your own (or someone you know
well) coming of age experience in a short two
paged paper (5 paragraphs). Discuss what sort
of life you lived (your mind set) before the
realization, the catalyst(s) for your change(s),
how you were impacted by this realization,
how your life/mind changed. For example,
you might choose to write about when and
how you first realized that your parents were
human and make mistakes or that you
needed to change your direction in life etc.

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