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“Noble Action, Sacred Call, or Desire” Please respond to the following:With shared beliefs and concepts tied back to similar origins out of the Vedic scriptures and traditions that are foundational for Hinduism (Brahmanism, Buddhism directs the hearts and minds of its adherents to a liberation from the burdens, suffering and many limitations of worldly existence. Thus, Buddhism, as a non-theistic tradition, can be considered to be as much of a philosophical system as it is a religious tradition. Using the textbook and other resources, consider the following questions drawn from foundational concepts in Buddhism: Is desire (craving) good or bad or, can desire be either good or bad (Fisher, pp. 143 – 145)? How do desires reveal an individual’s sense of the “meaning and purpose of life?” How do you think desires relate to religious ethics in Buddhism (e.g., the Noble Eightfold Path, Fisher, pp. 145 – 146)?7 sentences or more.

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