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A minimum of 10-page-research proposal. Due Monday 10/23/2017 8pm EST.

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Requirements for Technical Communication Class Proposal
1. Your proposal must be presented as follows:
a. Have a cover page with a meaningful title, date of the latest draft, and your name.
b. Be double-spaced.
c. Use 12-point Times New Roman type font.
d. Have 1-inch margins all around.
e. Be no longer than 15 pages, double spaced.
f. Be broken into three, clearly delineated sections; an introduction, a body, and a
conclusion. NOTE: DO NOT use headings of “Introduction” “Body” or
“Conclusion”. Use meaningful headings.
g. Have sections broken into headings and subheadings.
h. Include graphics, when they would enhance understanding of your idea.
i. Graphics need to be sequentially numbered and be titled.
2. The following information must be included in your proposal:
a. Table of Contents.
b. A brief synopsis of your project.
c. The reason why the project is important.
d. What information you have already researched and what further research is
needed to complete your project.
e. The results you expect from your research.
f. A conclusion section that reiterates the main points of your proposal.
3. Remember, this is your mid-term exam; give it the proper attention to be good.
a. An Abstract.
b. Citations or Bibliography.
5. REMEMBER: This is a proposal, not the final report.

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