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Please read the directions, then read the Discussion Post response and provide a response following the Response Guidlines in U4R28034

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Response Guidelines EW
Provide substantive comments to the posts of at least one of your peers, comparing
their perspectives to yours. Ask any question that will help you better understand
their perspectives and move the discussion forward.
Your response must be a minimum of 200 words in length. Include at least two
APA-formatted citation (in-text, as well as the full reference). The citation may be
from course textbooks, assigned readings, or an outside source.
Discuss whether or not you believe an evidence-based pain management program
can improve bedside care across 14 different programs.
Improving Bedside Care
Pain management has become increasingly important, especially with the opioid
epidemic that we are facing in the United States. I believe much of this problem has
been two fold. Clinicians have very little time with the patient, so rather than educate
on management of pain, opioids are prescribed to get them out the door quicker. The
other problem stems from patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction has driven up the
cost of healthcare, increased antibiotic resistance, and played a major role in the opioid
I am a firm believer in having evidence-based pain management programs. We
have a program at the clinic I work for, and we have seen more patients coming off of
opioids and managing their pain more effectively. Relying on evidence, and educating
patients on what the evidence shows, helps to gain the necessary buy in from the
patient. The International Association for the study of Pain partnered with the Indian
Society for the Study of Pain to develop a program that teaches clinicians that are
involved in pain management, the fundamentals of pain physiology and
pathophysiology. Understanding what the evidence shows, with regards to pain and the
underlying psychosocial components will make for better clinicians, better patient
outcomes and improved safety.
I was reading an article today about a former Marine that was killed, while at a
Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital from an overprescribing of opioid painkillers while
admitted. This could’ve easily been prevented if an evidence-based pain management
program was in place, and employees/patients were appropriately educated.
International Association for the Study of Pain. (n.d.). IASP-ISSP multidisciplinary
evidence-based pain management program. Retrieved from

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