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100 word under each box.

Unformatted Attachment Preview

You have a great analysis. However I think you should not
abbreviate in your post. Becasue this is an acadeic article.
Organization Your organization is good. I can read and easy to
understand your article.
Your style so good. You shows your style by use the
academic words.
You have the evidence for your main ideas . However you
need to put more information for the first paragraph
about the sources you take. I mean you take some
sentences in the sources and put it in the paragraph to
support your ideas.
I think you have a good references.But it will be better if
you just choose the sources you really need it.
You have the interesting topic. But you need to put more
information about your sources you take to support your
ideas you want to talk.
This what suppose you to do?

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