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1.List the four dimensions of opportunity management. In what ways can the line between career and family become blurred? What are some things you can do to maintain a balance between your career and your family? 2. Ron Hall is a customer service representative responsible for selling time-shares to a new family resort on the Orlando Florida Universal Studios property. Assume that Ron’s buyer is a single father of one pre-teen son, brand manager for a consumer-packaging firm in San Antonio Texas and has an expressive communication style. How should Ron plan to approach this buyer? What features and benefits will most likely appeal to this buyer? What type of selling tools will help make the demonstration most effective? 3. What are the major differences between Sales and Marketing? What can Sales and Marketing do to better coordinate their activities? 4. Describe the evolution of strategic selling. What are the four broad strategic areas in the Strategic Selling Model? How do value-added selling strategies enhance personal selling?

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