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(Choose one of the following questions from #1 – #5) 1. Discuss Zoroastrianism and its influence on the great monotheistic religions. Would it be helpful for for these religions to study Zoroastrianism as way to better understand their own religions? Would this challenge the assumptions many hold about these religions uniqueness as world religions?2. Is being “Jewish” a religious, cultural, or ethnic identity? How has the concept of a “chosen people” influenced Jewish life and thought? 3. World attention is regularly focused on the state of Israel, its neighbors and the peace process. Utilizing the Course Material and Social Media, how might a study of Judaism shed light on events in the Middle East?4. Compare and contrast Catholicism or Protestantism with one other Christian tradition. The field for your comparison is as follows: (a) Christian Science, (b) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, (c) Jehovah’s Witnesses, or (d) Seventh-day Adventists. In structuring your response, isolate and respond to at least two (2) issues/problems in understanding Christianity that are raised by this question. 5. Turkey is a secularized country in a nation whose citizens are overwhelmingly Muslim. Controversy exists whether to ban religious attire all together (in government buildings and institutions) or to permit individuals to wear religious attire, like the hijab or burqa. Looking at the European issues, especially in France, as well as the issues faced in Turkey; Utilizing the Course Material and Social Media discuss the banning vs. permission of people to wear religious attire in a secular country that allows religious freedom. (Choose one of the following questions from A – D) A. How significant do you think it is for the Jews to “remember” communally by celebrating an annual festive dinner such as the Seder (Passover meal)?B. What do you think is Moses’ most significant teaching for your understanding of religious spirituality?C. a. What is the decisive meaning of the Incarnation for all Christian spirituality? b. What is the critical significance of Jesus’ resurrection for all Christina spirituality?D. Do you find anything in the teaching and example of Muhammad that is universally applicable to human spirituality, apart from particular religious worldview?i will upload the RUBRI

Unformatted Attachment Preview

Good ( 8 points)
Fair (4 points)
Content and
(350 – 500
Poor (1 point)
Incomplete content
and thesis statement,
unclear and
Thesis statement
unfocused, content
not comprehensive
enough or
persuasive, does not
delve into subject
with enough depth.
Major points are
considered but not
supported and does
not address
concepts, content is
inconsistent with
regard to purpose
and clarity of
Focused thesis
statement, content
comprehensive with
adequate research
and supports, uses
transitional words to
move the reading
forward, major
points are stated
clearly and are well
supported. Research
is adequate, timely
and addresses course
concepts; content
and purpose of the
writing are clear.
Good (2.5 points)
Poor (0 points)
& structure
20 %
Organization and
structure detract from
the message of the
writer. Introduction or
conclusion is missing.
Paragraphs are
disjointed and lack
transition of thoughts.
Structure of paper is
clear and easy to
Introduction and
Fair (1.5 points)
thesis provide
Uneasy structure
background on the
introduction is
topic and previews
lacking major
points. Paragraph major points.
transitions need
transitions are
Conclusion does not logical and maintain
flow from the body their flow of thought
through-out the
of the paper.
paper. Conclusion is
logical and flows
from the body of the
10 %
Fair (1 points)
Paper follows most
guidelines. Paper
Poor (0 points)
has incorrectly
Research paper lacks
prepared citations.
elements of correct
Paper has reference
formatting. Citations
list with some
and references are not
errors or omissions.
provided. Paper is
Paper is too short or
too long.
in length.
Good (2 points)
Paper follows
guidelines. Citations
and references are
used appropriately.
Paper is the
appropriate length as
described for the
Good (2.5 points)
& spelling
20 %
Poor (1 point)
Research paper
contains numerous
punctuation and
spelling errors.
Language uses jargon
or conversational tone
Fair (1.5 points)
Rules of grammar,
usage and
Research paper
punctuation are
contains a few
followed; spelling is
grammatical errors,
correct. Language is
punctuation and
clear, succinct,
spelling errors, uses
concise and precise,
some jargon or
sentences display
conversational tone.
consistently strong,
varied structure.

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