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ABT 57 – Ag Computers – Final Project PowerPoint Create a PowerPoint (around 20 slides – more is ok) about a country, background, and agriculture industry.Highlight the following: Country name- Spain Short background of the country Flag • Population – growth and current status along with largest cities Languages spoken – examples of the language Climate variation – for agriculture Type of Government Transportation Agriculture commodities – highlight the top ten Imports/Exports Emerging agriculture commodities Strengths of the country Weaknesses in the country Opportunities for the country Typical food and delicacy Interesting facts – tourist areas, famous people, etc. Highlight of something of wonder (i.e., Peru – Machu Picchu) Use visuals and sound – photos, videos, etc. – be creative!Word Document to a PDF Complete a two-page white paper on the country of your choice.Convert to a pdf and submit.Excel Create a graph of the country of your choice on the amount of the following: Top ten commodities Population over the last 100 or so years Import agriculture Export agriculture

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