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1.essay (see document)2.discussionWhy did you choose the topic for the essay, and give brief overview of what your essay will be about. Make sure you comment on TWO other peers.Student 1Hello everyone! I have chosen the topic of comparing and contrasting two women from the short stories we have read. Although I have not decided which two characters I am going to choose just yet, I still think this is going to be a really fun assignment. I am currently thinking that I am going to choose Miss Emily and the unknown woman from The Yellow Wallpaper. These two women would be very interesting to discuss! The reason that I chose this topic is because I know that I will really enjoy diving into these ladies and their personalities. I like investigating certain characters and trying to determine their reasons for the things that they do. Doing things like this helps me understand different characters, as well as making me put myself their shoes.Studyent 2I have chosen to write my essay on the comparison between Emily and the unknown woman in The Yellow Wallpaper. I was intrigued with how the authors brought their mental issues into their stories without actually naming the illness. I am going to show how they are both afflicted similarly yet differently. If the woman behind the design on the yellow wallpaper could be considered a character, I think a compare and contrast between her and the living character would be interesting.note: separate essay and discussion within two document

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Short Story Essay
Essay 2
Objective: To construct an essay based on the student’s interpretation and understanding of the story with the
use of textual citations from the information in MLA format.
Read “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Conner
Read “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner

Compare and contrast two women from the short stories we have read.
Compare depression and their significances to the characters in three of the stories we have read.
Prove how the “Wallpaper” made the Lady go insane or free her.
Prove how the men (in at least two stories) made a major impact on the end results of the story.
Compare and contrast the plot developments in at least two of the stories to prove how the reader should
have foretold the endings.
Compare at least two authors and their backgrounds to prove how their lives impacted the works they
created. You must also cite the works and use information from the works as well as the
autobiographical information about the authors.
Essay Requirement:
Construct a well-written five paragraph essay, 500 words minimum. The essay should include the specifics
from one of the topics above, have MLA formatting, have a correct works cited page, include all sentence
patterns that were discussed in class, and have a sound thesis which was proven with the three points presented
in the essay. Each body paragraph should have at least two citations from the works suggested in the essay. The
introduction must have the authors and the works listed, the thesis should be a concise statement and should not
list the specifics to be stated in the paper, and the thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction.

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