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1 tap dance video assignment2 Read the article3 delayed adulthood

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1 tap dance video assignment
After watching all three of the video selections type a one to two page
essay detailing the following.
*What are some of the similarities that you noticed in the style of tapping? Pay
special attention to rhythm, body positions, style, and level of difficulty.
* what are some of the differences noted paying special attention to the same
*After watching the videos do you feel that tap has evolved in some way? If so
* If after watching the video if you had to create/write your own definition of
what tap dance is what would that definition be?
Your assignment should be in essay format and uploaded as a word document,
size 12, times new roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Make
sure your name is on your assignment and to proofread and make necessary
revisions. Do not turn in a document that is one paragraph. You will be graded
on how you address each topic listed above.

2 Read the article
Do you agree or disagree with the assertions made in the article? You MUST
support your position with other materials. You will fail the paper if there are
no other sources of information, and/or if there are no citations and
references. Wikipedia is NOT a reference.
The paper must follow the following guidelines:

All papers must be typed on a computer and double-spaced. Papers not
typed on a computer will not be accepted.
APA format must be used. If you are not familiar with the APA format for
writing papers, please review the style guide in the library.
Each paper must have the following sections: Introduction (a review of
the article or topic), Discussion, and Conclusions. The Introduction should
be approximately 150 words, Discussion should be approximately 900
words, and the Conclusions should be approximately 100-150 words. The
total paper should be approximately 1200-1250 words in length, not
counting citations and the title page.
Paraphrase your information. Do not quote text. This is not a research
paper and the length is too short to include excessive quotes.
The paper will be graded for critical thinking, grammar, correct style,
spelling, and accuracy The Introduction is 15%, Discussion is 50%,
Conclusions is 25%, and the remaining 10% of the grade is for style and
spelling. Since this is a paper written on a computer, use the spell check on
your word processor.
The paper should have a title page with the following information:
Title of the Paper
Student Name/ID Number
PSYC 2314: Time and Date of Class
Semester and Year

Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and will result in a ‘”zero”
on that writing assignment and an F the class, at the instructor’s discretion.
Cite other peoples’ work and paraphrase.
Proofread your paper. If there are too many grammatical and spelling
errors, the paper becomes difficult to read, and therefore, will end up with a
lower grade.
3 delayed adulthood
Read the following article:
How do you think this will effect the development of young adults? Your
discussion should be 250 words.

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