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has to be written well and prior knowledge of simple economics topics are required. the requirements for the paper are all written in the document. they all need to be followed

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Project 1
Evaluation 31
Economics BUSH 035 060
Be sure to include ALL pages of this project (including the directions and the assignment) when you
send the project to your teacher for grading. Don’t forget to put your name and I.D. number at the
top of this page!
Project 1 is worth 100 points. DO NOT begin Project 2 until you receive teacher feedback
for Project 1.
For this project, you will do some research into an economic matter that affects your local
community. Select an economic event in the place where you live—a new business opening, a
business closing, a factory laying off workers, construction of a new road or freeway, a law or
policy that affects farming in your area, etc. Choose an event that occurred within the last two
Use what you have learned in Unit 1 of this course to analyze the matter. First of all, explain the
decision that was made (opening a new business, appropriating farmland for housing
development, closing a factory, etc.) Then, explain how this decision provided an answer for
each of the three key economic questions.
Your paper should be three pages (900 words) in length. Double-space your text and leave oneinch margins on all sides. Use Times, Times New Roman, or Courier font. Your paper will be
graded according to the following criteria:
__________ of 15 points. Provide a summary of the event—what issues were involved,
what actually happened, and what economic decision was made. Your summary should
be written so that someone without previous knowledge of the matter can understand it.
(Assume your teacher will NOT know anything about it.)
__________ of 15 points. Based on your research, express a point of view about whether
this decision will be beneficial to your community. What impact will it have? What gains
will it bring, and will it cause any complications or problems? (You can elaborate on
these ideas as you discuss the three economic questions. Support your position with
BUSH 035 060 Project 1
__________ of 15 points. Discuss how the decision affects production of goods and
services. What goods and services will be affected by what happened? How and why
does this event affect production of these goods and services?
__________ of 15 points. What does the decision suggest about who should produce
goods and services? If your event encourages production of a good or service, who will
produce it? If your event restricts or limits production, who will probably assume
responsibility for it?
__________ of 15 points. How will the event affect consumers? If your event encourages
production, who will consume the goods and services produced? If your event restricts or
limits production, how will it affect consumers?
__________ of 15 points. Use of sources. You must use at least two sources in your
research. One of them must be an article from a newspaper or online. The other may be
another article, or you may use a news broadcast, a flyer, brochure, or advertisement from
a business, or an interview with a person directly involved in the matter (an employee
from the business, city council member, etc.) If you use an interview, identify the person
and explain how the person is connected to the event. Be sure to get the person’s
permission BEFORE starting the interview.
__________ of 10 points. Mechanics and conventions. Your paper should be well
organized, without any errors in spelling, capitalization, or punctuation. If you are unsure
about spelling or punctuation, consult a dictionary or a grammar guide. Include a
bibliography for your sources at the end of your paper. Cite all sources in the format of
The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, which is commonly
used for business papers. You can find this manual at your local library or do an Internet
search for APA guidelines.
When you are finished, save this project assignment document on your desktop as
BUSH_035_060-Project1.doc. Open the UNHS content management system by clicking on the
MY WORK button in the top right corner of your screen. In the pop-up box that appears, click
START next to Project 1.
Use the BROWSE button to upload your project assignment document from your desktop. Be
sure to save your file with the SAVE button at the bottom of the page before using the SUBMIT
button to submit the project. You can review your results and grades by clicking MY GRADES
on the top right corner of your screen.
For complete directions about submitting projects electronically, access the “Project
Submission” instructions from your online course access portal homepage.
BUSH 035 060 Project 1
[Begin Project 1 here. Your bibliography should be on the last page of your paper.]
BUSH 035 060 Project 1

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