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# ASSIGNMENT 1Read chapter 7.What does the Christian creation myth have to do with Daly’s argument about the need for a feminist movement? What responsibility does she suggest that the Church holds in regards to perpetuating patriarchal values? What “wave” of feminism does Daly belong to? What is feminism? What is “patriarchy?” What does it mean to be “privileged” according to these theories? If you are woman, you might give some examples where you have seen or experienced “male privilege.” If you are a man, I would ask you the same question? Give some examples where you have seen women discriminated against.# ASSIGNMENT 2Read Ch 6 in iBook on Ethics and Ch. 15-The Introduction and beginning with the phrase “Rhetoric is useful” found on pg 223 until 226 at the end of the first paragraph ending with the line “This is perhaps a sufficient account…”What are some of the “ethical” considerations that Aristotle mentions in his treatise? Now consider WB Yeat’s poem “The Second Coming?” Does Yeat’s poem/art/music have a rhetorical goal? How does art work in rhetorical terms? Using Aristotle’s discussion, what are arts rhetorical limitations?* you must answer each question with (1-2) paragraph * try to use simple words and clear sentences* avoid plagiarism* use APA style



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