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“What role nonverbal behavior plays in the way we use language?”This is the topic of the paper. Attached is a brief thought of a thesis.I require an outline and a fully written paper in APA or MLA format. The paper needs to be 7-10 pages long. The structure of the paper should be as follows:Title page stating topic, your name, and the course code.Chapter (or Section) 1, an introductory chapter where you state the thesis and main reasons, or points that you will discuss in support of the thesis.Chapter (or Section) 2. This should be the body of the paper where present your reasons supported by research and evidence including proper citations from sources you have consulted.Chapter 3 (or Section) 3. The last chapter/section will be your conclusion, or summary, of the document.Works Cited or References page. You will need to consult at least three (3) credible outside sources, which should be listed on this page.Either the MLA or APA style guide may be followed. Your sources cannot include any .com sites, textbooks, encyclopedias, or information from Wikipedia. Citations should appear within the paper for every fact, statistic, or quotation utilized.

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Javene Bronson
Thomas Edison State
Prof. Aric Eidadu
Final Topic
Oct 9, 2017
I choose the topic of nonverbal behavior and how it plays into the way we use language. I
choose this topic because I think nonverbal not only adds to our use of language but adds
emotional context to the language. If someone spoke in a monotone voice with little
gestures, it would be hard to determine exactly how this person feels about the subject they
spoke about or they truly are disinterested in the conversation. I believe nonverbal behavior
plays an important role with spoken language.

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