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(Please skip doing the audio narration portion)In this Assignment you will define a secure software development life cycle (S-SDLC) the software company should adopt. Security must be addressed in every phase of the S-SDLC and sufficiently explained. You must also address ongoing activities for threat assessment and vulnerability management. In addition, you will create a high-level rollout plan to fully implement the S-SDLC.Some assumptions you can make as you do this Assignment:Leadership and personnel are on-board with the idea of incorporating security in every phase of the software development life cycle.The research and development teams are affected by this change. This includes the business analysts, software engineers, system test engineers, software quality assurance engineers, and technical support.The mobile software development system the software company builds has be in the market for three years.The mobile software development system the software company builds was developed in C#.The mobile software development system runs on the two latest major versions of Microsoft Windows and currently targets the latest version of Apple iOS (handhelds and tablets), Google Android (handhelds and tablets) and the latest version of Microsoft Windows RT.As you complete this Assignment, be sure to outline any assumptions or constraints you may have.You will be presenting your strategy to the research and development team. Your Assignment will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that includes audio narration for each slide. In addition, each slide should have notes in APA form, as there is one person on the research and development team who is hearing impaired.Your presentation should have at least 5–8 slides. In the notes section of the slides, be sure to document your content with proper APA in text citations that match your reference list.You should support your assertions with at least three credible sources. You may use peer-reviewed articles, trade magazine articles, or IT research company (Gartner, Forrester, etc.) reports to support your research

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