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1. write 250 words2. original writing 3, look at the example and explain how to analysis the data from example ( ( best write this example with some computer science skills)

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Question 5.
Consider the normal form game depicted in the figure below.
Please answer the following three questions with reference to the figure above.
a. (1 point) What type of game is this?
Answer:This game is dilemma
b. (1 point) Does a Nash equilibrium exist to the single-shot version of this game? If so,
describe it.
Answer:Yes, it does a Nash equilibrium exist to the single shot version of
this game.
Because this is a one time play, and the Nash equilibrium is (400,
400)—(don’t Advertise, don’t Advertise)
c. (3 points) Can you describe a set of strategies for each player that can sustain an
equilibrium where neither firm advertises in the repeated version of this game? If so, what
condition(s) must be met in terms of the required patience of the players, and the number
of rounds over which the game is repeated?
Answer:400/r > 550/1+r+300/r/1+r
400(1+r)> 500r+300
r<1 Please look on this example that demonstrates your ability to manipulate and analyze data. Explain how you completed your analysis. (write 100 words) ... Purchase answer to see full attachment

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