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Term Paper
This course discusses different measures to understand the economic conditions in an economy. You will be
looking at states within the United States instead of another country. The purpose of this assignment is to have
you gather information on various measures for states in the United States and use this information to arrive at a
conclusion about the economic well-being of a state.
Step 1. Choose any 5 of the 50 states in the United States that you would like to compare.
Step 2. Use the resources available at the library or online to get information on the following macroeconomic
measures for each of the 5 states for the year 2016 or the latest available date. You must collect all the 15 pieces
information indicated below for each state. Make sure the data is in the right units.
Real GDP (in US$) since this is for a state it is called Gross State Product
Size of Population (in millions)
Labor Force (in millions)
Per Capita income (in US$)
Unemployment rate (percentage)
People below poverty level (percentage)
Consumer Price Index (CPI).
Top 3 occupations with the most people employed and their average yearly salaries.
Top 3 occupation with the highest salaries and their average yearly salaries.
% of population 25 years or higher with a Bachelors degree or higher (percentage)
Median home price (in US$)
Home ownership rates (percentage)
Violent Crime Rate (per 100,000 inhabitants)
% of people not covered by Health Insurance (percentage)
Households with internet access (percentage)
(Good sources for all this information are the US Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor
Statistics, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. However, you are free to choose any other source as long as
you cite the source for all the information collected for your assignment.)
Step 3 (Week 8 submission). Turn in all this data for the project on one page in an Excel spreadsheet by the end of
week 8 on Ulearn. It is important you be able to format everything to make it easily presentable and readable to any
audience. Feedback will be provided on the data if required and these changes need to be incorporated before you
turn it in with the final paper.
Step 4. Write a report that addresses the following topics:
Compare and contrast the 5 states you have chosen. Provide an economic argument and rationale for choosing one
of the 5 states in your group that you would prefer to live and work in?
Use the data on the above 15 variables collected by you to write a paper on how the 5 states compare to each
other and which of these states would you rather live and work in. You are free to use any additional information
you want. Include the above Excel data spreadsheet with all the data in your report.
Step 5. (Week 10 submission) Turn in your report on Ulearn (written 3 page minimum + 1 page data spreadsheet
+ citations, MLA format) by the end of week 10.
Content and Organization
60 points
All key elements of the assignment are
covered in a substantive way.
The paper is no more than 4 pages (including
title and reference page)
Proper use of economic terms
Transitions between paragraphs
Proper thesis
The content is comprehensive, accurate, and
/or persuasive.
The paper develops a central theme or idea,
directed toward the appropriate audience.
The paper links theory to relevant examples
of current experience and industry practice
and uses the vocabulary of the theory
Major points are stated clearly; are
supported by specific details, examples, or
analysis; and are organized logically.
Minimum of 2 data indicators
The introduction provides sufficient
background on the topic and previews major
The conclusion is logical, flows from the body
of the paper, and reviews the major points.
Readability and Style
20 Points
Paragraph transitions are present and logical
and maintain the flow throughout the paper.
The tone is appropriate to the content and
Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.
Sentences are well-constructed, with
consistently strong, varied sentences.
Sentence transitions are present and
maintain the flow of thought.
ECON1001: Macroeconomics Term Paper
20 points
The paper, including the title page, reference
page, tables, and appendices, follow
appropriate guidelines that are in MLA
Citations of original works within the body of
the paper follow appropriate guidelines.
The paper is laid out with effective use of
headings, font styles, and white space.
Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation
are followed.
Spelling is correct.
100 Points

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