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1.Describe a day in the life of your character. 2.The most important element of your paper is authenticity and so historically details that clearly identify the setting ( your chosen place & time period) & clearly represent a person who had beliefs, understanding and experiences typical of his role in that time period. Before you writing carefully consider the setting (time&place) and the audience you are addressing. Your character must have a frame of reference that fits into one of the following time periods: a. the colonial period(1607 to 1763b.a pre-revolutionary or American Revolution period. (1765-1782) early republican period (1783-1815) expansionist, democratic period (1815-1828)e.a Jacksonian-common man period (1828-1840)f.a western expansion period (1840-1850)g.a mid-19th century period (1850-1860) Think of it this way: Are you capable of going back into the past and becoming someone who you would not have been? Are you capable of understanding another’s views and experiences in a time period you didn’t live in by accurately representing that person and time. Are you capable of learning history, which asks us to be as objective as we can be. Objectivity occurs when we are able to consider information (both facts and conditions) while avoiding distorting this information with our own “personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations.”Do not project your frame of reference into your paper. This means avoiding writing anything that comes from a later historical period, especially the 20th /21st centuries.It also means your suppressing present-mindedness and your identity as much as possible. You will have to have a minimum of three sources, Citation of your sources: You will need to write a Bibliography page, using the Chicago Manual of Style format, listing all the sources you used. Examples of how to write bibliography entries, listing several different kinds of sources, in the Chicago Manual style can be found in the recommended OWL site, Then go to Research and Citations and then to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition. You will not have to give footnotes or endnotes, so the examples you need to look at are marked with the letter B.Note: The Bibliography is an additional page, not part of the 2-3 pages of content.Evaluation of the paper will be based on the following:1. historical authenticity 2.imagination 3.writing skills 4.insight about life in the era The paper should be typed, 2 to 3 pages long of content; the bibliography is one additional page.

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