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5 pages APAMust follow the requirements.Read everything very carefully.And make sure you understand before you start writing.

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Topic: Effects of China’s Family Planning
Multidisciplinary Writing Assignment: Culture & Gender Paper/Sexuality (150
You must have a clear thesis!!! It is very important!!!
Your research paper has to relate to human sexuality
Culture & Gender Paper Submission Process
1. This paper must be written in third person and submitted using MS Word (not PDF) the
Research papers will not be graded unless they have been calculated at 0% from
TURNITIN analysis. Maximum length is 10pp double spaced! Length is 5
pages, excluding title page, and references. References must be within the
past 10 years..
. Resources: This is a research based assignment, sources must be scholarly and
websites should be reliable. Minimum of 7 academic references including one peer
reviewed. Textbook, encyclopedias do not count. Academic source must include
date and author.
1. Thesis: Your thesis must be in italics and clearly state your opinion.
2. Formatting:
Typed, double spaced, (entire paper) Times Roman font,1 inch
margins, font size 12.
Title page, include name, class section number, name of
assignment, your specific title for assignment and word count.
Brief Abstract required
Running headers and page numbers required on each page
Subject headings are required and should indicate the subject to follow
with APA format
Citations must be in APA format throughout.
5. The assignment must use college level writing, including spelling, verb usage and
tense, grammar, vocabulary, sentence formation and paragraph development.
Paper must be written in third person. Direct quotes limited to 10% of paper.
Rubric Total possible (150)
APA Conventions (15)
Style & Tone (5)
Sources & Evidence (10) -Minimum of 5 Academic sources -One peer reviewed -Textbook,
encyclopedias do not count
Syntax & Mechanics (10)
Organization (20)
Diversity Framework (10)
Cultural Self Awareness (10)
Conclusions/Connection to Discipline (25)
Reflection (20)
Social & Applied Science Content (10)
Assignment Requirements (1500 words) (15)
IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: In preparing your assignments, papers, PPT
shows, etc., do not use inappropriate or illegal images or content such as child
pornography, and/or extremely graphic or offensive sexual images. Send any
questionable materials to the professor before the assignment due date.

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