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Team start-up business plan (SUB project). The course requires completion of a team project that
involves submitting and presenting a start-up business plan to potential funders. Students are expected
to self-organize into teams of five or six members. Once formed, the team is asked to submit its
proposal for a business idea and preferences for a presentation date. Ideas and presentation dates will
be allocated on a first come first served basis – different teams will not be allowed to work on the same
idea. Once the idea is approved, teams should work to develop a start-up business plan for funders.
This will require performing research on the industry and the resources and competencies that will be
required to succeed with the business.
Business plan reports must be typed and be no longer than 16 single-spaced pages, excluding an
executive summary and appendices. The plan should include, among other items, product or service
description, a company description, and management and functional area plans. Report evaluation
criteria include the quality of the research used to construct the plan, the appropriate coverage and use
of course material, and the soundness of the plan itself.
Project presentations must be computer based, involve all team members, and occupy 15 minutes of
class time including a brief question and answer period. Presentations will be evaluated based on
content, organization of the presentation, delivery and the quality of visual and other presentation aids.
Project team members are expected to contribute equally to group activities. In this spirit, a peer
evaluation is administered for the team project. The result of the evaluation will be factored into the
individual’s project score.
COMM 1010: SUB project guidelines
The SUB project is intended to provide students with practical insight into planning and running a
start-up business. The final deliverables are a 16 single-spaced page report excluding an exective
summary and appendices, and a 15-minute presentation including a question and answer period. Both
the final report and the presentation are expected to demonstrate understanding and appropriate
application of material covered in the course.
Students are required to submit the project reports electronically and in hard copy. Electronic
submissions must be submitted to the designated area on Brightspace by 6 PM AST on November 20,
2017. Hard copies must be submitted to my physical drop box at Rowe by 8AM AST on November 21.
The submitted electronic and hard copy versions must be identical – otherwise the report will receive a
grade of 0. Late electronic submissions will be accepted until 6 AM AST on November 21, 2017 with a
penalty of 20 percentage points.
The final report should cover relevant areas in the following generic outline. The topics should be
covered with the appropriate course tools and backed by relevant research information. Page number
allocations are approximate and should be adjusted to suit the planned venture.
A. Executive Summary: 1 page
B. Introduction: .5 page
C. Business potential and form: 2.5 pages
D. Management plan: 2.5 pages
E. Marketing and sales plan: 2.5pages
F. Production and operations plan: 2.5 pages
G. HR, IT, and other plans: 2.5 pages
H. Financial plan: 2.5 pages
I. Conclusion: .5 page
J. Appendices: As many pages as required, clearly referenced in the main text
The report is worth 20% of the course grade. Report evaluation criteria include the quality and
completeness of the research applied to the project, the appropriate use of course material, and the
soundness of the overall management, operating, marketing, HR, IT, and financial plans.
The presentation will be computer-based, involve all group members, and delivered in class in 15
minutes including a brief question and answer period. The presentation is worth 5% of the course
grade. Presentations will be evaluated based on four equally weighted criteria: content (use of course
concepts and updated case facts, depth of analysis and insight, and logic), organization of the
presentation, delivery (enunciation, eye contact, speaking volume) and the quality of visual and other
presentation aids.
A peer evaluation that applies to the entire project is required of every team member.
Appendix 5 contains the form.
Sub Proposal
Bar Finder – App
Fraser, Aidan, Phil, Sam, Caesar, Dingyu
Our product we are planning to market in this project is a development app on
finding bars near you. As the bar and nightlife industry is always a great place to
invest as a high percentage if the adult and young adult population is into, it would
make sense in bringing some useful technology to help those find bars and clubs
near them. This app can be used by those of who are from the area wondering
where the specials and live music are or the app can be very handy for visitors
wondering where the hotspots are. Using a similar platform, one that models twitter,
our app ‘Bar Finder’ will allow everyday people to comment, like and share thoughts
on each club/pub/restaurant’s menu and drinks specials. Having menus, drink
specials and activities posted on each individual bar profile, the user can simply type
in the name of the bar or use the find me button to find bars and specials nearby.
Bringing simplicity and accessibility to the nightlife market, the ‘Bar Finder’
app is going to make money for the establishments at the same time building a brand
as the users see how easy it is to use and share it with their friends. Keeping in mind
the plans we have for the App we established a mission statement that best
represents our product: “Making your night as best possible”.
Breakdown Of Project:
Executive Summary – Dingyu, Introduction – Aidan, Business Potential and Form –
Aidan, Management Plan – Fraser, Marketing and Sales Plan – Fraser, Production
and Operations Plan – Phil, HR,IT, and other plans – Sam, Financial Plan – Caesar

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